Christmas Panettoncino in a BOOK

I have this post with photos and recipe for a few days, waiting just to have a little time to sit at the computer and say so many things calmly with details. But, as much as I want and try, my good intentions are there in the drawer.

Let me tell you that this year is opening with a lot of work for me and when I say a lot, believe me … IT’S A LOT. So I’ll tell you something I wanted to tell you about … months ago.

About a year ago I wrote this post where I talk about how it was for me to put the Christmas tree and how today Max and I are inventing our own traditions.Months later, I received the email from Teresa Morales and Pilar Tejeda where they asked me if I could be interested in participating in the book of stories and stories “El bosque” that would go on sale on the occasion of the celebration of the International Year of Forests of United Nations.

I immediately said yes, not only because seeing my story appear along with that of women of the stature of Jane Goodall was an honor, but because I was very excited that something I wrote with affection ends up doing a good cause (part of sales will go to the Jane Goodall Institute).

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